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Here's an Example for You:

Need something more concrete to help with understanding?  OK…Let’s do a practice round…


You register for the hunt and when you are ready, you receive an email with a password and the following clue:


Before it was moved to Canalside in 2012, this location hosted the weekly concert series that is now known as Thursday at Canalside


Mustering up everything you know about the City and its goings on, you figure out that the clue is describing Lafayette Square. 


Hopping into your vehicle, you take off at a law-abiding speed down to Lafayette Square and begin your search for the QR Tag that we have placed in the area. 


One of your eagle-eyed team members locates the tag and you all gather round their phone as the following question pops up:


To whom is this monument dedicated?


At that point, you and your team scramble to the monument - NOT ON THE MONUMENT (we're not ruffians here) - looking for anything that might help you answer that question.

One of your intrepid team finds the dedication plaque and shouts to you:

“Those who laid down their lives for the union…”


You frantically fill in the blanks on the page; you enter your team name, the password, the answer to the question and punch the “submit” button until the screen rewards you with the clue to your next question. 

You read the clue aloud to your team; you all kick around the information until one of your members triumphantly shouts the answer.  At that point, you all pile back into your vehicle and head off to the next location. 

Piece of cake.

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