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  • Is There a Certain Number of Team Members?
    We have found that this works best with teams of 2 - 4 people, so that's where we're asking you to stay - with no more than four people. And, you probably wouldn't want a whole clown car of people (not we really have no way to control that). We'd like to believe, however, that you'll play by the rules.
  • How Long is This Going to Take?
    Prepare to set aside AT LEAST three hours. Between the driving and the walking and the searching and the answering and everything that's involved with all of that, this is most definitely going to take up a bunch of your day.
  • How Much is this Gonna Cost Me?
    $40 per team.
  • Can I Stop and Start Another Day?
    Well, we suppose you could, but It'll probably end up taking you out of the running for that Hunt's prize.
  • How Many Questions Are There?
    All that we are going to tell you about this is that we will have you zipping around to 20 different locations in the City of Buffalo. Some are close to one another, others...not so much. Some, you may find yourself doubling back to an area you've already been to. Each location will have at least one piece of information that you need to enter in order to move forward.
  • Do We, Like, Get Anything for Doing This?"
    Well, yeah! The satisfaction of proving that the answer to the question, "Whatt y'know?" is "I know a TON." Not enough? OK, fair enough. For each participant, we'll have a a couple little trinkets and for the winning team, a $50 gift card for a local establishment.
  • What If I Get Stuck?
    You can always send a DM to our Twitter account @Whatta_Yknow or text us at 716 253 1840 and we will provide you a hint or clue or something to help point you in the right direction
  • How are you Picking a Winner?
    Winner will be chose by the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time
  • Can I Go Back and Change My Answers?
    Nope. Sure can't
  • Do I have to Use a Smartphone?
    Somebody on your team does. You'll need to be able to scan the QR Codes in order to move forward
  • Do I Have to Go in a Certain Order?
    You do. Because it's virtual (for now), it's the only way to keep things fair
  • How Long Does This Hunt Run?
    The window to complete each competition hunt is one month. You can register any time during the month and pick any start day you'd like.
  • How Are You Going to Keep People From Cheating?
    Don't worry; we have several "checks" in place. Teams need a team name and password to submit any answer, as well as to access QR Code information.
  • Can I Do the Hunt More Than Once?
    What's the fun in that? But...I guess. Just let us know
  • Can My Business Use This?
    If you are looking for a team building event for your workplace, we can work with you to build your own unique, private event using parameters that you would like. Please contact us by email for more information
  • Can I Bike This?
    Not without some serious legs and lungs. When all is said and done, this is about a 20 mile excursion with a lot of stopping and walking around. However, if you do have the lungs and legs, we'd guess that it would, likely, take you at least 6 hours to complete
  • Is this Live Monitored?
    Not exactly. We do get out and make sure that our tags are still in place and questions are still relevant and answer-able, but we're not lurking in the shrubbery watching what you do. We are tied to our phone and Twitter account on the days when teams are hunting, just incase there's a problem or question
  • Enter your answer here
  • When Will We Find Out How We Did
    We will email your team captain withing 24 hours to let you know how many correct answers you had and how much time it took
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