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How to Play

First of all, we feel as though we need to emphasize the following:

1.  We will NOT be sending you onto private property.  If I site IS private property, everything you will need will be visible from the street or sidewalk.

2. There will be NO reason for you to be climbing on anything.  We have set up the hunt so that there is no way that anything will be damaged or marred or anything of that nature.  Please leave the locations exactly as you found them.

OK...Now that we got that out of the way...

After you register your team and sign up for our hunt, you will be emailed a password and a clue.  This clue will contain information that will lead you to the first location of the hunt.  How you figure out that clue is up to you.  We find that it is most helpful to have a history nerd on your team but having the full power of the internet at your fingertips is also useful. 


Once you figure out the location, the real hunt begins.  At this location, as well as at each of the locations, we have placed a QR code.  It will be located somewhere that is easily overlooked if you’re not looking for it.  Helpful hint: Be sure to check lampposts and other innocuous smooth surfaces where a sticker might easily be adhered.


Scan the QR code.


You will be instructed to enter your team name, the location and then asked a question or pair or questions that you can only answer by being at the location. 


Once you submit your answer, your time will be recorded and you will receive your next clue. 


It’s as easy as that.

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